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BDS Abacus Institute is India’s fastest growing abacus education centres. It has a talented team of abacus experts and is headed by dynamic leadership with years of experience in education arena. The gifted team has trained thousands of students in this unique mental math technique.

The aim of this abacus training is to improve memory, concentration of the student and helps in building the confidence of the child. It helps in fostering the concept of speed writing and speed reading in a child. The whole training focuses on the development of the right brain and helps to increase the speed and accuracy in a child along with enhancing the mental math skills of students.

Parents can witness a remarkable boost in the child’s confidence while doing assignments of the most hated subject “Math” after completion of the training. The training helps in developing the mental calculation abilities and promoting intuitive thinking along with problem solving capability in the child.

Our courses are specially designed to cater to the needs of school going kids within the group of four to fourteen years of age.

There are different types of courses to choose from for individual students along with special packages and crash courses for schools who wish to train their students in this amazing technique.

Enhance your mental math skills with our training. Call us today for more information about our courses!

Our Mission
The mission of Abacus Institute of Studies is to promote the value of education, self-worth and quality performance by transforming students into productive, efficient and professional graduates. The Institute will provide the students with the best possible opportunities to specialise in the marketing management field in a climate of equal opportunity, understanding and mutual respect.

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