Scientific Neuro Analysis Program

Scientific Neuro Analysis program is brain exercise. We observe your brain in action from moment to moment by monitoring your brain waves. We show you your brain activity and we help you to change it by rewarding shifts toward a more appropriate and stable brain state. It is a gradual learning process.

Scientific Neuro Analysis program is also called EEG biofeedback. The electroencephalogram (EEG) is another name for the brain wave recordings and, in this context, biofeedback refers to the process by which you learn to change your brain waves and thereby gain better control over your brain states.

Scientific Neuro Analysis Program is an innovative Brian training technique that allows an individual to learn to self-regulate his or her own brain waves, shaping the neuronal activity for improvement in cognitive, emotional and behavioral functioning. It is a noninvasive, drug-free and painless approach to providing rewards to your brain for producing the desired brain wave pattern of relaxed concentration.

Scientific Neuro Analysis training is brainwave biofeedback. The characteristic that distinguishes neuro feedback from other forms of biofeedback is a focus on the CNS and the brain.

In the late 1960’s and 1970’s it was learned that it was possible to recondition and ,retrain brainwave patterns. Scientific Neuro Analysis program is similar to exercising or doing physical therapy with the brain, enhancing cognitive flexibility and control.

This symptom-based therapy may be offered as an alternative option or adjunct to medication therapy. It may also aid in improving ones’ athletic or professional performance. Scientific Neuro Analysis program has been researched and is now considered to be an emerging evidence-based technique which enhances self-regulation of the brain.

What can Scientific Neuro Analysis program help Students ?

Scientific Neuro Analysis program is training in self-regulation. Good self-regulation is necessary for optimal brain function. Self-regulation training enhances the function of the central nervous system and thereby improves mental performance, emotional control and physiological stability.

With Scientific Neuro Analysis program we target bioelectrical functioning of the brain, which is actually a more important issue than the “chemical imbalance” that is often talked about. We are concerned with the brain’s internal regulatory networks, and we train the brain’s functional deregulation. Simply by detecting the brain going off track through the EEG, we can train the brain toward enhanced stability and improved functioning.

Who can benefit from Scientific Neuro Analysis program ?

Students of age Between 13 – 25 Years can benefit from Scientific Neuro Analysis program ,this can help a variety of childhood problems including attention deficits and other forms of disruptive and disturbing behaviors & can assist adolescents who struggle with anxiety and depression or drug and alcohol use. For adults it can alleviate symptoms of physical and emotional problems & can help anyone maintain good brain function as they age. Peak performers also use EEG training to enhance their abilities in Studies & to get good academic results ,sports, business and arts.

How does it work?

Scientific Neuro Analysis Program training process starts with measuring the brain’s electrical patterns through small sensors that are embedded into an adjustable visor. These patterns are processed by a special device that allow visual and auditory feedback or ‘mirroring’ of these signals through the use of off-the-shelf video games. Brain waves are continuously monitored providing a ‘feedback loop’. It reads brain waves and provide exercises to challenge brain’s performance, much like physical exercise and the effects of weight lifting to develop muscle strength or jogging to improve cardiovascular fitness.

Benefits of Scientific Neuro Analysis Program

  • Improvements noted in:
  • Improve in learning
  • Increasing IQ
  • Enhancing Memory
  • Improving Focus
  • Achieving Academic Performance
  • Improving Speech & Language
  • Stabilize emotions
  • Reduce irritability
  • Mental Performance
  • Emotional Control
  • Physiological Stability
  • Optimize cognitive performance & motor Skills.
  • Improve your ability to pay and sustain attention longer
  • Speed up and increase your brain’s processing speed
  • Decrease your impulsive responses
  • Improve your memory and recall

How is Scientific Neuro Analysis program done?


Sensors are attached to the scalp with EEG paste which then pick up brain waves. It is painless and does not involve the application of any voltage or current to the brain, so it is entirely non-invasive. A computer processes the brain waves and extracts certain information from them. We show you the ebb and flow of your brain waves, and the specific information we obtain from them, in the form of a video game. We instruct you how to play the video game using only your brain waves. (Everyone can do it.) The specific brain wave frequencies we reward and the sensor locations on the scalp are unique to each individual, Special Training session to in incress Relaxation/Attention/Concentration

Training Process

Trainees are advised to attend 3 training sessions weekly where each training session is about 30-40 minutes. The effectiveness of the training program can be seen within 6 months and it is most effective if trainees attended the classes as scheduled. Examples of improvement may include increase in memory, concentration, stability and stress tolerance.

The first session of the training process is to measure and teach the trainee to relax. After measuring the brainwave in terms of the brain’s relaxation, attention and concentration, the trainer will decide on the appropriate training mode for the trainee.

To obtain significant results, trainees are advised to attend at least 6 months of the training, 3 times a week*.

In the maintenance phase, the training can be reduced to once a month to subsequently create a long term effect.

Go ahead, give your brain some exercise today and enjoy your adventures in brain training!

*Subject to changes pending on individual’s condition

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